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ON November 3rd, 2015 BY Catherine / 0 COMMENT

  So Why Does Your Online Reputation Matter? Reputation Management or Reputation Marketing are trending subjects these days. But they’re also easy to overlook. And the 2 terms dо hаvе differences. If уоu look оn Wikipedia, hеrе іѕ theіr definition: Thе…

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ON September 23rd, 2015 BY Catherine / 0 COMMENT

What do we mean by Customer Engagement on Social Media? Social media can show how much money you can make each week. Facebook is great because it  lets you do just that. The problem is, it can be SO tempting…

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ON August 20th, 2015 BY Catherine / 0 COMMENT

  These points are just the beginning in learning what you can do to grow your business. The landscape changes and evolves. But for many of you – this is a good place to start. Tip #1: Get clear on…

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ON July 9th, 2015 BY Catherine / 0 COMMENT

  Lots of people try to tackle their own SEO – and I think it’s great. They are learning to be self sufficient. So I thought I post a short video that shows you what the top 5 SEO tips…

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ON June 2nd, 2015 BY Catherine / 0 COMMENT

  Recently I had a local business client ask me “Can you remove the opt-in form on my website? I don’t think I need it, and it just takes up space.”  I’d like to explore the answer to this question,…

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