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Who We Are

DSC_9814About the CEO and Founder:

Catherine Maxwell has been a leader in marketing solutions for over 25 years.

In 1999, she founded Maxmedia Group. Under this umbrella, the Maxmedia teams work on different aspects of marketing excellence. DCSLocal have teamed up with Maxmedia for outstanding  web design.

Catherine’s personal brand is  Catherine  Our team consists of world wide web specialists in web design and online marketing.

We work closely with local business owners to provide a wide range of online lead generation strategies. Our mission is to set local business owners up with a system in place, so they can make money while they sleep.

Consulting Services

We help business owners make smart decisions about where to target their resources, and how to market effectively online. Sometimes they want to tackle this on their own – and other times they prefer a guided approach.

With a guided approach we offer:

  • A Marketing Strategy  – We identify where your company is right now – and where you want to take it in the next 3 years. We pinpoint the position and message that will grow revenue.
  • Strategic positioning – We build the road map for changing your market position to ensure future success.
  • Competitive assessment – We evaluate the competitors that are affecting your business, including their pricing strategies and sales and marketing resources.
  • Pricing strategy – We determine the norms and standards in the market, as well as client trade-offs, to help you develop pricing models that align with your growth objectives.

Speaking Engagements

Catherine Maxwell is the author of the upcoming book: “Sleep and Grow Rich:  How to Optimize, Socialize, Mobilize and Monetize Your Business – So You Can Make Money While You Sleep.”

Catherine has been speaking for many years to groups of business owners and entrepreneurs about how to implement a solid, proven marketing system for their business.

Most business owners today market as if it’s still 2004 – and Catherine helps them see, in simple-to-understand terms – how to move into today’s demanding marketplace with their message.

It’s a lesson every business needs to hear. To contact Catherine about speaking to your group, call 1-844-628-8498, or fill out the contact form here.

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Sleep and Grow Rich
Optimize. Socialize. Mobilize. Monetize. So you can make money while you sleep.
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